Quick Guide: 5 Tips for More Efficient Waiting Lines

A Guide to Improving Customer Flow

In an ideal world there would be no waiting in line, but that’s just not realistic. In fact, queues play a salient role in everyday life. According to some estimates, in a lifetime the average person spends two years waiting in line.

The impact of these waiting lines on profits, public and customer satisfaction, and even public safety can be profound. For managers, “waiting in queue” implies a series of challenges and concerns, including productivity, customer service, and lost revenue. For customers, “waiting in line” can imply anxiety, boredom, and wasted time, among other feelings.

In this guide we offer 5 tips to make your waiting line more efficient.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to occupy your customer's time in the queue
  • Why it's important to get a customer's transaction started sooner rather than later
  • Tips for eliminating the anxiety around waiting in line
  • And more!

If your customers must wait in line to be served, this guide is for you.