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May 18, 2017

Customers in your checkout queue are your captive audience. You have their time and their attention. Why not also have...

May 10, 2017

Customers will only wait so long. And service agents can only work so fast. So, what’s the formula for keeping...

May 4, 2017

In the era of social media, customer reviews impact all businesses. Event venues, sports stadiums, museums, performance centers, theme parks,...


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Virtual Queuing Across Industries [A Primer]

This primer will help you see some of the many ways virtual queuing can improve the customer experience and improve your service efficiency.

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Don’t Hate the Wait: Virtual Queuing E-Book

Discover how virtual queuing can transform the customer journey and reshape the way we wait for service. Get the free E-book here.

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2015 State of Waiting Line Management

This report offers unique insight into the queuing practices of 125 companies representing over a dozen different industries.

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Using Queue Analytics Technology to Improve the Customer Experience

Learn everything you need to know about queue management technology and best practices for achieving your efficiency and customer experience goals.

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Web App
NeXtrac Queue Builder

Configure your waiting line from start to finish using intuitive drag-and-drop tools and a simple 3-step process.


Qtrac iQ Intelligent Queue Management

Learn how Qtrac iQ® can turn your Beltrac® stanchion into a virtual turnstile, allowing you to maximize efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the productivity of your queues.


The Freedom to Wait, without Waiting in Line

Learn how QtracVR can free your customers to wait without the restrictions of a traditional waiting line.

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Smooth Customer Flow Guide
A Guide to Planning Your Queuing Strategy

This 12-page guide is designed to help you answer these two key questions by crafting a queuing strategy that fits your unique goals and environment.

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Quick Guide
Qtrac iQ Merchandising Analytics

Optimize your queue to maximize impulse sales at check-out. Qtrac iQ in-queue merchandising analytics delivers key queuing-related data, such as customer count and wait times.

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Electronic Queuing Solutions
A Buyer's Guide to Electronic Queuing Systems

The Electronic Queuing Solutions Buyer's Guide is designed to help you assess your options when it comes to electronic queuing systems.

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Make It a Single [Infographic]
The Case for Single Line Queuing

Experts will tell you that probably the single biggest factor driving a customer’s waiting line experience is how they perceive the fairness of the line.

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The Art and Science of Queuing
A Guide to Queue Management

This 9-page guide is designed to help you think through the psychology of queuing and highlights trends that can help you extract more value from your line.

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Eliminate the Wait [Infographic]
How Virtual Queuing Creates Happier Customers

Across industries, businesses are choosing to address the tension around waiting lines by getting rid of them altogether. The result is a better customer experience.

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Queuing Theory 1.0
A Practical Approach to General Queuing Systems

This 12-page e-book will help you understand basic queuing theory and its impact on the customer experience.

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6 Tenets of Queuing
Understanding the Psychology of Queuing

The tenets highlighted in this infographic are inspired by the work of David Maister and provide valuable insight into the psychology of waiting and what can be done to improve this critical area of service.

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